Valtra H202 Series Concept


H202 concept is an hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor equipped with advanced autonomous driving system, focused on time optimisation and cooperation with the user. H202 includes also technologies such as Laser and Oled lights, advanced active safety and remote management.

Created for Valtra Design Challenge 2017


H SERIES – H202 is a tractor vision for 2040 to showcase how tractors could evolve on the next twenty years.

One of the most important themes is the environment attention. Reducing the environment footprint of these working machines could reduce the amount of resources needed to produce food. For the H202 I have chosen hydrogen fuel cell with electric power train. Electric engine has a huge constant torque, it’s clean and requires less maintenance, making it a good successor for diesel engines. H202 is equipped with fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen. Batteries could also be charged directly at the farm, using a plug or wireless inductive charging. Hydrogen could be obtained from methane produced with anaerobic digesters directly on the farm. In this way the footprint of the whole farm will be significantly reduced.


Humans are very good at finding a creative solution to an unexpected situation, for this reason the farmer must be able to drive the tractor. Machines are at the opposite and combining human and machine capabilities could improve productivity optimising time. For this reason H202 has advanced autonomous driving that will be able to complete complex and repetitive tasks working around the clock. Tractors management will be tightly integrated with farm’s production plan, taking advantage from big data to get informations about cultivations, meteo and soil, will be possibile to optimise time and resources. For instance, tasks not requiring farmer interaction will be placed during the night. Autonomous driving technology will also improve active safety, taking over the driver in potentially dangerous situations proactively (avoiding accidents, sleep blows, rollover). Other features are separate electric engines for PTO, remote control via app and laser and oled technology for lights. It comes also with a cabin version.

The design is an evolution of the archetypal form of the tractor, making it immediately recognisable.





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